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Medium size - Secret Gardens and Flower Fields

These are series of paintings with shapes and colors combined as I perceive them,

inspired by the impressions that capture my attention while hiking in the mountains, in the ancient villages in our Valley or by river Adda, lake Como and the seaside ....

Medium size, from 30 cm to 70 cm per side, without frame, are shipped rolled up and require a Passe-partout or a frame.

On request I can deliver them with frame, even double deep for hanging without frame and visible side.

megyeri krisztina mykriart modern magyar festmèny kortàrs galèria absztrakt szinek kèp
megyeri krisztina modern magyar festmèny absztrakt kortàrs galèria szèp szines kèp lakberendezès
Mykriart Megyeri Krisztina absztrakt modern abstract abstrakt kunst arte art müvèszet farbige biler szines festmèny
megyeri Krisztina absztrakt modern magyar fetmèny galèria olasz
modern absztrakt szines szèp festmèny galèria botanic abstract mykriart Krisztina Megyeri mixed media modern canvas
mixed media original art mykriart Krisztina Megyeri abstrakt astratto festmeny modern galèria kortàrs lakberendezès mixed media canvas


mykriart krisztina megyeri mixed media abstract original art


mixed media mykriart original abstract art krisztina megyeri
abstract botanical painting canvas Mykriart


megyeri krisztina modern magyar absztrakt festmèny galèria kortàrs muvèsz         
Modern abstract colorful happy paintings, abstract landscape Wallart in mixed media on canvas          
by Krisztina Megyeri, Hungary, Veresegyhàz 

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