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My name is Krisztina Megyeri, I was born in Hungary, where I lived until the age of eight. The images of my childhood regarding art are the creations of traditional embroiderers and the abstract paintings of my mother's uncle "which looked like explosions of galaxies". When my family moved to Germany near Stuttgart, in the Black Forest, I had the opportunity to create strong ties with nature and at the same time to increase my passion for art. In 1992 I moved to Milan, where I attended drawing and painting courses. I graduated in ceramic art and then specialized in bronze sculpture, working between Italy and Hungary.  I now live in Valtellina in the north Italian Alps, where I work as a full time artist in my studio.
In summer 2022 I moved to Hungary near
Budapest to my origins, where I happily pursue with my art. 

Abstract Paintings

My main source of inspiration for my abstract paintings is the surrounding  nature, nearby I find small settlements, cultivated land, fruit plantations, rows of vineyards and the rivers of the valleys and of course forests and woods with that magic light filtering through and flower fields, masses of flowers.... all changing color in every season.
Travelling often I find further inspiration in seascapes, the dunes, the thousand shades of water, the scattered vegetation. There are geometric elements that symbolize the architectural interventions of man in the landscape, the small oldest villages, with the stones of the portals and the cobblestones of the narrow streets leave small marks in my compositions.
'While painting, I love to combine different media to obtain vibrant effects; I am using  acrylics to create many thin layers to give depth to the color, playing with adding and removing layers...
combined with graphic signs that contrast with it,  adding something like a memory, a reflection of ancient objects.

Modern abstract colorful happy paintings, abstract landscape Wallart in mixed media on canvas        
by Krisztina Megyeri, Hungary, Veresegyhàz 

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